What does a Buddhist monk, a Dalit scientist , a Ladakhi servant and a feminist science fiction writer have in common?
Daak is a collection of unknown stories, artworks and ideas from women and men who have shaped the Indian subcontinent’s cultural heritage. It is an attempt to curate and revive original artistic creations which are deeply profound, characteristically humourous and always, uniquely subcontinental.
Our focus on this region and the past stems from the simple reason that our home base houses a vast treasure trove which has not yet been fully explored. We are as much readers as writers, and as much consumers as curators of these works.
To us, “daak” evokes the lost art of letter-writing: a patient, deliberate and thoughtful exercise in articulating your most compelling thoughts for your reader. This project is our way of sending out letters to all the people who, like us, are looking for something interesting and meaningful to read.
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